Tony Wood Hair

Award entries, copywriting, design, photography, filmmaking, branding, social media, and a new website for a renowned hairdressing salon on the south coast of England.


Advent Calendar 2017 + New Website

Tony Wood Advent Calendar 1.jpg
Tony Wood Advent Calendar 2.jpg
Tony Wood Advent Calendar 3.jpg

Winning international awards, working with Dyson, becoming the go-to place for hair colour on the south coast of the UK — 2017 was a wild year for the salon.

As things wound down for Christmas, Tony had two objectives: round up stories of the year’s successes in one place, and launch a new Tony Wood Hair website. I had a eureka moment.

I built the new Tony Wood Hair website and designed graphics for an Advent Calendar system to front 24 pieces of content published to the site’s blog during the Advent period.

The Advent Calendar helped achieve five core things:

  • Published the long overdue history of the Victorian clocktower in which the salon is housed — this article now dominates searches related to the building
  • Reignited the relevance of talking about the salon’s successes throughout 2017, positioning the series of blog posts as something of an annual ‘best of’ throwback
  • Launched a new Tony Wood Hair website without damaging SEO too much
  • Started collecting email addresses for a newsletter via giveaways in collaboration with our corporate partners
  • Maintained the daily-row-of-three format I use for the foundation of Tony Wood Hair’s Instagram by featuring the Advent Calendar doors at the center of each trio of images

Filming for Dyson

In September 2017, Dyson asked the Tony Wood Hair team to create beautiful hair for their ‘On Trend’ catwalk show at the Westfield shopping centre in London.

I joined Tony and his stylists in the capital and, over the course of six days, the team led the way on 38 shows, using the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer and products from KMS and Goldwell.

I got a scar from this one! I scratched my leg open on the corner of some postmodern catwalk furniture while shooting.

The video has proven useful as an introductory resource for Tony and salon manager Liam’s international work with Dyson.


Award Entries


Every summer, Tony gives me an ‘it’s time, Jeeves’ look, which means awards season is kicking off. I write ‘em, I design ‘em, and we send ‘em off. The salon has won some pretty impressive trophies over the years.

JP South Hair & Beauty Awards 2017

  • Hair Salon of the Year Winner (in 2014, 2016, and 2017)
  • Junior Stylist of the Year Winner: Tanahya Nash
  • Colour Technician of the Year Winner: Lydia Wolfe
  • Apprentice of the Year Winner: Carla-Louise Whiteford
  • Lifetime Achievement Winner: Tony Wood

The News Business Excellence Awards 2017

  • Business Personality/Achievement of the Year Winner

Most Wanted Awards

  • Best Salon Experience 2015 Finalist
  • Business Thinker 2015 Finalist
  • Innovation of the Year 2016 Finalist

HJI British Hairdressing Business Awards 2017

  • Salon Design Award Finalist: Tony Wood Hairdressing
  • Manager of the Year Finalist: Liam Fry
  • Marketing Award Finalist: Tony Wood Hairdressing

NHF Business Awards 2017

  • Apprentice of the Year Finalist

HJI British Hairdressing Business Awards 2016

  • Innovation of the Year Winner
  • Marketing Award Finalist

Here are the pages from one of my favorites: Hair Salon of the Year for JP South, which we won. Click/tap any of the lil images to see them larger. None of the photos are mine — they’re all shot by the incredibly creative and talented salon crew.

Color Factory.jpg


Beneath the clocktower, in the basement, Tony, Liam, and his crew created The Colour Factory, a dedicated space for creating stunningly vibrant hair colour. While I can’t lay claim to the original Tony Wood Hair logo, I was excited to adapt it into the insignia for this new space. We printed hundreds of flyers to promote The Colour Factory before realizing we didn’t really need to, because working with Tony on upping the salon’s social media game was taking care of the marketing. Instead of trashing the flyers, we had a local upcycling designer turn them into a dress — that’s what you see above!

Haircare Haul.jpg

People who subscribe to Tony Wood Hair’s Haircare Haul save 15% on their haircare every month. It’s like a subscription box of top-quality industry-standard KMS products which ensure the salon’s clients never run out of the stuff which keeps your hair beautiful after you’ve left the salon. I was going through some sort of vaguely Bauhaus phase when I branded up the subscription box.



The western windows of the salon were looking quite bare until 2016, when Tony and Liam built floor-to-ceiling shelves, sourced some antique hairdressing tools, and created a miniature museum. Still, the window itself felt kinda blank. I designed some vinyl-applied typography featuring the longitude and latitude of the clocktower’s location. The miniature museum went on to spark the backwards-facing but forward-thinking ‘De-Renovation’ project — tearing into the clocktower interior’s layered history to add character instead of building new layers on top.

Year of the Cut.jpg

After mastering colour in 2017, Tony and Liam wanted to refocus back on the core of hairdressing: the cut. They conceptualized the Year of the Cut, taking staff training back to raw styling and inviting well-known stylists from across the country to demonstrate their own techniques. I created the watermark above, to be featured on pictures of precision cuts tagged with #YearoftheCut.