Commentary: ‘Awkward Virtual Reality’

0:00: Every time I rewatch this vlog, I am so conscious of my disgusting eyelashes. And I’m even more conscious that whoever I’m watching with is exercising willpower to not point them out.

0:30: The whole concept of a pop-up being a momentary glimpse into another city is brilliant, even if it is just a glorified showcase for startups. Startups are, after all, a core part of the backbone of every major city’s culture nowadays.

✏️ 1:52: BRLO

The written concepts of artisan production and attentive love for the product are reflected by a logomark which merges visual nods to wheat (a beer ingredient) and hearts (love).

✏️ 2:06: Burgerfabriek

Burger + factory. Pretty simple stuff. It’s not an absolutely perfect logo — the factory feels a touch off-balance and awkward — but the negative space in the burger is awesome.

2:44: All royalties for the use of ‘incorrectitude’ can be sent to jeeveswilliams at gmail dot com.

3:00: This is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it nod to the fact that back in 2012, bookstore chain Waterstone’s dropped the apostrophe from their name, becoming ‘Waterstones’. The company was founded by Tim Waterstone, and has nothing to do with wet rocks, so the removing the apostrophe is, of course, an instance of incorrectitude. (Many Waterstone’s stores still have the apostrophe in their sign, and I’m very pleased by their quiet protest.)

4:47: These faces are made by French street artist Gregos, and there are over 1,000 of them around the world, all with different expressions and colors.

4:56: I was pretty excited to fire up Instagram and see all of the #canalbench photos, but there were only three, so, that’s kinda disappointing. One of them isn’t even from the bench.

5:13: This didn’t happen, haha.

This is a pretty weak vlog, overall.

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