Isle of Wight

The diamond-shaped Isle of Wight, skirting the UK’s south coast, is known for its traditional seaside town vibes, dinosaur fossils, and the chalky Needles rock formation stretching out from its western apex. The 23-mile-wide lozenge-looking landmass will also ring familiar with music lovers, with both Isle of Wight Festival and Bestival dominating the island each summer. Come for the coastal scenery, serene countryside strolls, and fresh local food, and stay for Ventnor’s blossoming arts scene, Cowes’ entanglement of charming shopping streets, and Queen Victoria’s holiday home: Osborne. She said of the views from her beach: “It is impossible to imagine a prettier spot.”

Read about the island before you meet it, through the blog posts I’ve written for ferry company Wightlink over the years, featured below.


Look, some photos!

Some of the photos I’ve taken on the island, including some shots of The Needles. While you’re taking a look, here’s a BBC documentary podcast which touches on the island’s history as a rocket testing site: