Amsterdam for cinema and film lovers

From the oldest cinema in town to a tiny silver screen housed in a giant red ‘L’ atop a floating hotel, Amsterdam has a lot to offer film lovers. A star in its own right, the Dutch tourist capital is the backdrop to movie scenes like:

Ocean’s Twelve (2004) coffeeshop scene

The Ocean’s Eleven sequel features a few scenes set in Amsterdam, with locations like Koningsplein, Kalverstraat, and the Dampkring Coffeeshop, where they now have a blend of weed named in honor of the heist flick.

The Fault in Our Stars (2014) bench scene

Anyone who has read John Green’s heartbreaking tale of two cancer-stricken teenagers falling in love and venturing to Amsterdam will know about the bench scene. The original bench vanished after the film was released, but was swiftly replaced by the municipality. While it’s but a replica, the bench has still become the canvas for hundreds of couples’ ‘J 💛K’ scratchings.

Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017) canal chase

Starring Nick Fury and Deadpool, the crowning scene of this buddy cop comedy is an exhilarating chase through the canals of Amsterdam, including a car flip stunt they pushed really hard in the trailers.


Diamonds Are Forever (1971) body dredge

Amsterdamned (1988) canal chase

Turks Fruit (1983) cycling scene

Iconic cinemas of Amsterdam

Eye Film Institute Netherlands.jpg

EYE Film Institute

The Movies Amsterdam.jpg

The Movies

BOTEL cinema room

LAB111 cinema

Jeeves Williams