Creating a crowdfunding film for Bubble&

In February 2017, Bubble& approached us at Team Locals Media to create a visually-enticing video that would help launch and promote their crowdfunding campaign for a bubble and squeak restaurant.

Marita & Rupert, Bubble&’s founders, wanted the video to feature some of their unique dishes, showcase where they source ingredients for their menus, and regale viewers with the story of how the two came to be at the helm of the eatery concept.

Charley was behind the camera, and did all the editing. I just hung around to hold the microphone, take behind-the-scenes shots for social channels, do a bit of co-directing, and eat free food at the crowdfunding campaign launch evening.

There were so many awesome locations for this shoot, many sited around Portsmouth and Southsea. Charley went up to London at one point to shoot some footage of Rupert working a street food market, and we also spent a day in the company kitchen.