Wrapping up 30 years of hairdressing with the Tony Wood Hair Advent calendar

2017 was an incredible year for Tony Wood Hair: the Portsmouth-based hair salon scored their first I international award, collaborated with Dyson’s Supersonic team on a six-day catwalk event in London, took to the Salon International stage with Goldwell, and earned the crown of leading salon for color in the south of England, to name a few of the year’s successes. But there was a problem.


When you spend the year doing loads of cool shit, it’s very easy to forget to shout about it all on your social media.



December was about to hit. Tony told me he wanted to shout about the salon’s 2017 achievements, but was concerned the content might seem outdated, stale, and irrelevant, given that many of the talking points took place months before. He also wanted to start 2018 with a new website. That evening, I was pondering the issue over a burrito, and came up with the idea for the Tony Wood Hair Advent calendar: a ‘Blogmas’-esque schedule of daily content published on a new Tony Wood Wood website, telling the salon’s entire story, from Tony’s beginnings in the 80s up to the string of 2017 successes.

The Tony Wood Hair Advent calendar would also feature a number of giveaways, starting with a ‘Signature Haircut’ by Tony (who seldom steps behind the chair nowadays, instead leading a figurehead position within the salon after 35 years of cutting hair), gradually building up to a whole year of free hairdressing services worth over £1,000. 

Here’s what the calendar achieved:

    • Created a natural, engaging way to ride the Christmas bandwagon on social media
    • Drove thousands of visitors — 17,906 to be exact — to the new website over its first few weeks, helping to ease the potentially damaging impact a total website rebuild could have on SEO
    • Finally gave us the opportunity to share the full legacy of the Tony Wood Hair brand, reinforcing the salon’s stature as something of an iconic hairdressing institution
    • Demonstrated to both clients and members of the hairdressing industry that, though the salon may be a ‘classic’ business, Tony and his team have been diligent in not just keeping up with the modern evolution of the hairdressing industry, but also led the industry in many respects
    • Provided an opportunity to start a newsletter — email newsletters are an oft-forgotten aspect of digital marketing. To enter the calendar’s giveaways, visitors had to subscribe. I curated 774 emails during the course of the campaign
    • Quelled the issue of 2017’s success stories feeling outdated
    • Formed the foundation for a number of exciting video releases — my personal favorite being the Dyson catwalk collaboration in London, which I had great fun shooting, editing, and narrating

Jeeves Williams