TriceraTap teaser trailer for Staggeringly Good Beer: 60,000,000 years in the making


60,000,000 years ago, give or take 59,999,996 years, a group of brewers assembled to create Staggeringly Good, bottling and kegging up beer ‘for people who love to ride dinosaurs’. Things went pretty well, so this year, in 2018, they sought to launch a crowdfunding campaign to back a brewery expansion in Portsmouth.

They called upon the combined forces of myself and Mike from Solent Sky Services to create two films: a core promo video for the crowdfunding campaign, plus a lil teaser to precede it.

We quickly realized the only living dinosaur today is the high street seagull, so the Staggeringly Good fellas improvized. That’s how Mike and I found ourselves filming a badass American dude modding a mobility scooter into a beer-dispensing dinosaur.

The ‘TriceraTap’.

Much of the shooting for both the teaser video and the main short film took place over two consecutive days, followed by four or five days spent editing together the teaser. This post is dedicated solely to the teaser movie, an 80s-tinged production backed by the synthwave magic of Emergence by Waveshaper. Watch:


The Daytime Shoot

Daytime shots for the teaser video basically comprised 21 seconds of Seth — the badass American who usually rides a Harley Davidson but broke loyalty in favor of a dinosaur scooter just this once — approaching the rolling shutter door of the current brewery from the outside and then entering from the inside.

We opened with a close-up of a ‘CRAFT’ patch on Seth’s jacket — a little nod to the craft beer scene — then cut to a puddle shot which flirts a split-second reflection of the word ‘BREWERY’. Then we flicked on the smoke machines and captured Seth’s dramatic entrance.

Seth kicking the tire of the TriceraTap is a tasty throwback to the original teaser trailer for Back to the Future. Are you telling me that you built a beer tap... out of a dinosaur?

The Nighttime Shoot

After finishing up the teaser’s daytime shots, we spent a few hours getting some footage for the main video. When we got back to the brewery at dusk for the nighttime shots, it’d been transformed into a steampunk shrine to dinosaurs, complete with dripping candles, flickering electronics, and on-brand pink and green lighting.

Seth blowtorches up a cigar, executes a progam to activate the TriceraTap, and sets to work welding the whole thing together. One of the Staggeringly Good chaps, Jonathan, found that holding the pink and green lights side-by-side cast a sort of stereoscopic edge around all the shadows. This really made the video.

Note the swinging lighting when Seth is switching the TriceraTap on at the three-phase fuse box — bumping the lamp, anyone?

Staggeringly Good Beer 9.jpg
Staggeringly Good Beer 6.jpg
Staggeringly Good Beer 10.png

Watch this space for the final video. In the meantime, go become part of pre-history.





A Staggeringly Good Beer film



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Emergence’ by Waveshaper
Taken from ‘The Summoner Original Soundtrack
Available on Lazerdiscs Records