Jeeves Style Guide (JSG)

Like anyone, I’ve got my own way of writing shit. Here are some (potentially disagreeable) aspects of my idiolect.

American English or British English?

I didn’t just grow up with the Internet — I largely grew up through the Internet. Thus, I was in constant contact with friends all over the world, including plenty of people who either a) hailed from the United States and spoke English as their mother tongue or b) lived in Europe, Asia, or Latin America, and spoke English as a second language. The majority of these people ascribed to typical ‘US English’ dialect. Their influence rubbed off on me, baking a noticeable American twang into the way I talk, write, and think. It could be anything from saying ‘trashcan’ instead of ‘rubbish bin’ or enunciating ‘leisure’ like ‘leez-sher’ instead of ‘lehz-sher’ (to give a rough phonetic example). Over the years, I’ve also become a fan of Noah Webster’s work. Naturally.