Favorite Songs Ever

Spotify feels limitless. There’s so much music in the world, and, since hitting the 10,000 track limit (that’s how many songs you can add to your Library) I started finding it a lil difficult to navigate to my favorite tunes of all time. So I decided to make a playlist solely dedicated to my favorite songs. This page details my relationship with some of the songs on the playlist, which you can subscribe to on Spotify.

Hello by The Cat Empire

I was searching for Lil Bub’s album Science & Magic when it first came out by typing in ‘cat’ and accidentally stumbled upon The Cat Empire

Turn Around M8 by Rat Boy

Discovered on a Damon Albarn collaboration playlist

Power Over Men by Jamie T

Introduced to me by a barista friend when they played it in their coffeeshop

God Save The T’s by Too Many T’s

Saw Too Many T’s live in my city

Skirts by The Other Tribe

Saw The Other Tribe live at Blissfields Festival 2013

Uprising by Muse

Saw the music video with the giant teddy bear on the TV in my school gym many years ago

Everybody Wants To Be A Cat by Electric Swing Circus

Same as The Cat Empire

Vienna by Ultravox

Stumbled upon it while searching for Dear Vienna by Owl City many years ago, and recognised it from, like, a thousand 80s films

Bad Card by Dub Pistols

Saw Dub Pistols live at Blissfields Festival 2013 and worked with them on a mental health awareness campaign

Sensitivity by The Shapeshifter

Was on a friend’s mixtape that they gifted me

Jaded by Disclosure

Long-term Disclosure fan, probably my favorite track from Caracal aside from Magnets

Ace Of Spaces by Motörhead

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater!

Pinball Wizard by The Who

Grew up with The Who, their song Magic Bus inspired my first book, and the pier on my home island burned down while they were filming Tommy on it

Let’s Get Married by Bleachers

Naturally discovered Jack Antonoff via Fun, Lorde, Grimes, Carly Rae Jepsen, etc.

Children’s Story by Slick Rick

A classic

Standing In The Rain by Action Bronson

Suicide Squad — shamefully?

All This Money by Injury Reserve

Hey everybody it’s Jeevesthony Willitano

Classic by Hieroglyphics

Discovered Del via Ice Cube and Gorillaz, and it snowballed from there

Yorktown by a bunch of awesome theatre people

My favorite song from Hamilton

Bamboléo by Gipsy Kings

This song became a meme in the UK thanks to BBC Radio One

Angel Of The Morning by Juice Newton


To The Top by Twin Shadow

Discovered George via HAIM, never looked back

BagBak by Vince Staples

My favorite track from Big Fish, and now it’s featured in Black Panther

Sleeping Powder by Gorillaz

2D going behind Murdoc’s back and recording a solo song, the sneaky bastard