Reviews for Jeeves Williams

“It’s literally like he fell out of the Internet”

— ‘Mrs. God’ [name redacted], meeting me in real life

“This generation's Jesus, or, um, Jeevus, I guess”

— Local Sammi

“For some reason, all the most boring people I’ve met in my life were British men. Except Jeeves”

— Russian Marie

“I wish I was as effortlessly funny and entertaining as Jeeves”

— Lauren of the North, after watching a heavily-edited vlog in which every scene took 20 takes

“In the midst of madness, a great joke”

— Film director Judd Apatow on a tweet I wrote about Trump

“He’s strange, but he taught me that white Converse work well with summer dresses”

— Sister Lauren

“Jeeves you are like the god of the Internet and funny things in a non-bullying way”

— Lithuanian Indy

“I had to unfollow you because you take up too much of my timeline, sorry”

— Train Museum Volunteer David

“I refollowed Jeeves because my timeline feels empty without him”

— Train Museum Volunteer David

“A personal motivational life coach who has relentless amounts of optimism and continuous support for others, a barrel of laughs, meme lord, a best friend you didn't know you needed”

— Lara from up North, being far too serious about this whole thing

“You’re a bit of a god, aren’t you?”

— The Lady Mayoress of Portsmouth, 2017 – 2018