Commentary: ‘Finding Field Notes’

0:00: Upgrade in quality! I was still using my terrible busted-up camera, but I’d bought some softboxes, upgrading the lighting significantly. I was also starting to get comfortable with my real voice, rather than trying to force a stronger British tone, meaning I could speak faster and more coherently. Good times.

0:03: It took me about 25 takes before my pointing finger aligned comfortably with the top-left corner of the video.

📍 0:05: Victoria Hotel, Amsterdam

0:06: That map is a Crumpled City map designed by Emanuele Pizzolorusso for Palomar — they’re light, durable, waterproof, and can be crumpled up and reopened within seconds. Crumpled City maps are one of those absolutely perfect products you wish you’d thought up.

0:35: This time-lapse was shot from inside 📍 Pasta Pasta, an Italian eatery.

0:39: And this time-lapse was shot from inside 📍 Starbucks in Amsterdam Centraal.

1:22: That’s the asexuality flag. I spent a chunk of my life thinking I was asexual but I was just depressed.

1:33: This is a must-watch video for basically everyone:

📚 2:33: The Evolution of Type by Tony Seddon

2:40: Below is the typeface Futura, plus my personalized Butcher Orange and Butcher Extra Blue.

📍 2:58: Makelaarsbruggetje, Amsterdam

This is the bridge on which jewelry designer Candice Pool accepted filmmaker Casey Neistat’s marriage proposal.

3:19: This is a GTA reference, if you didn’t catch it.

3:35: I just generally had no childhood. It’s complicated.

5:04: Canta is a car model originally designed for the disabled or elderly, but they’ve come to be used by, well, anyone. And they can be driven in cycle lanes. Equal parts cute and crazy.

📍 5:23: Concrete Matter

5:50: I have no idea how this passed me by during the editing process, but I later realized that I didn’t change the orientation of the chevron/arrow. Frustrating.