How to get an indie singer to tweet a photo of an avocado

We've all been there, but until now, there's never been a tutorial on how to do it. Follow the steps in the video below, and you too can successfully get an indie band singer to tweet a picture an avocado.

I traveled to London near the close of 2015 to see my friend Marie. We’d first met in my hometown of Portsmouth a few months earlier, but we'd known one another on Twitter for many years. She's a Denmark-obsessed Russian studying in the UK.

Just before the London visit, I'd started vlogging, after years of my friends bugging me to do it. I managed to churn out five videos, documenting a week in Amsterdam, but then a relentless riptide of projects flooded in and knocked me off the consistency wagon.

I'd only just started writing and editing the second Amsterdam vlog when I visited Marie, so I was still on a high from finally publishing the first one. Capturing a coherent story was something I was still new to, but Marie offered up the perfect vlogging fodder.

Over Starbucks (this was years ago, I don’t go to Starbucks anymore!), she told me a half-hour long story of how she'd become friendly with an indie band. In the midst of the story, she started showing me screenshots of tweets from the lead singer, eventually landing on one from four years ago in which he said he wanted someone in London to bring him an avocado for lunch.

Boom. There was the story. I didn't know at the time that I was going to present it, tongue in cheek, as some sort of tutorial video, but I knew I wanted to film the little journey!

And so we set about finding an avocado, making our way to the lead singer's home (Marie knows as much about him as I do about Owl City), popping the avocado in the singer's mailbox, and waiting four days for him to get back from a tour to discover the prize. Into which we'd carved “Hello,” of course, just to make it personal. And yes, he did tweet a photo of the delicious nutritious gift (above), and was very grateful.

Everybody wins. Except Marie — she hates avocados.

LifeJeeves Williams