Commentary: ‘The UFO of Utrecht’

0:23: Editing this vlog was quite concerning — it primarily took place in two different countries in different months, and the three friends featured in it are named Laura, Lauren, and Lauren. Also, Laura appears in both countries, before and after her transition to contact lenses. WHAT.

📍 0:48: De Inktpot (The Inkwell)

1:00: In the first cut of this video there was a whole two-minute segment with Laura and Dutch Lauren trying to explain their inside jokes. It really didn’t work.

📚 1:33: Panorama 2000: Art in Utrecht Seen from the Dom Tower

2:46: I’m close friends with six Laurens and acquaintances with a further 20+.

2:50: Ignore the terrible hair and focus on the amazing MACUSA hoodie.

3:37: You’re also hopefully appreciating Laura’s amazing yellow Doc laces.

3:38: Sheffield have their own Hollywood Boulevard! The ‘Sheffield Legends’ shown in this video are:

  • Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill DBE, a now-retired track and field athlete who specialized in multi-eventing disciplines and 100 meter hurdles
  • Michael Palin, a comedian, actor, writer, and TV host who is known for his work in Monty Python and for the travel documentaries he’s created
  • Seán Bean, an actor renowned for his appearances in Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and James Bond movie GoldenEye

5:19: Zayn leaving One Direction was still a fairly fresh wound when this was shot.

5:42: I can do anything and Lauren of the North will laugh. Standing beside a coat hanger? COMEDY.

📍 5:53: Sheffield Botanical Gardens

TravelJeeves Williams