Web developer Zac Colley at Innovation Space Portsmouth

Web developer, hack event organiser, and University of Portsmouth student Zac Colley spoke to us about how hotdesking at Innovation Space helped his business thrive.

The shared office space is sited in a modern multi-storey building on Hampshire Terrace, just around the corner from the University of Portsmouth, who run the building.

The floor Zac works on, developing everything from one-pagers to large complex websites (including this, the Team Locals Portsmouth site), is dedicated to students and graduates.

Zac said: “They work with the students to give this space for free for a certain amount of time. One of the aims with this building is to create more businesses in the area which are coming out of the uni.”

Running a web development business while studying and also spearheading Hack Pompey — a series of events which bring people together to code, build hardware, design, and just generally be creative — requires an adaptable workplace. Zac feels he’s found this in Innovation Space.

Hack Pompey is an event that we’ve run at Innovation Space for a couple of years now. Innovation Space is really good because we can move the furniture around and reform how the space works — you can move things around to suit the event. People can set up equipment, and it’s a nice airy place to be.

“And it’s close to the uni, so we can get all of the students to come along.”

Watch the full interview with Zac below, and find out more about Innovation Space on Team Locals Places »

You just read a post which was originally written for Team Locals, the Portsmouth-centric news and events website/digital marketing agency I’m a part of.

The videos we’ve created for Innovation Space are always fun. This was our first. I wrote the interview questions in my Field Notes on the drive there. Charley cracked out the camera, I threw the questions at Zac, we headed back to the clocktower, I cut the video together and wrote the accompanying article, and bam. Onto social media it went. Done and dusted.