The Ersatz Elevator to Stockholm’s Snowy Skyline

Stockholm’s skyline from Södermalm is something special that ensnares your senses with the same sort of soft-spoken estranged quirkiness you’ve seen in similar European cities or in the smaller surrounding suburbs encircling them. You know the kind of suburbs I mean. The ones where you end up celebrating the New Year because your long-distance girlfriend’s friends live in city-skirting cottages. The ones where you’re quickly forced to accept that the WiFi just isn’t gonna work so you connect to Baileys instead. The ones where people mostly don’t speak English and you finally file that three-day Duolingo streak you achieved in 2013 under ‘non-functional’.

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Interview: mentalist Matt Horan on his show All The Devils Are Here

Portsmouth-based mentalist Matt Horan calls into question the methods of those who falsely claim to have psychic abilities in his new show, All The Devils Are Here, at Groundlings Theatre in Portsea on Friday 12th August.

I sat down with Matt to discuss the atmospheric show, his budding career as a mentalist performer, and how he’ll be wowing and sending ripples of laughter through his audience with his apparent psychic skills.

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